Monsters & Carrots


There is an immense world in my imagination — the world of Monsters & Carrots. This world is mostly oceans and there are many islands out there, there are mountains and rivers, hills and lakes, and many, many other things... This world is inhabited by... carrots — highly intelligent beings who breathe oxygen (just like we do), know martial arts, wield swords with great skill, grow crops, drink wine and eat cheese, create homes (but can also live in habitable caves), know some types of technology (and completely ignore other types), fight monsters, and can also tame them...

I am drawing this world bit by bit, line by line, page by page... It takes a lot of time.

Are you curious to learn more? You can contact me (2021{аt}, or check this page for further updates.

More to come soon! :-)

~ Michel (06-Aug-2021)